How to Buy

Visit Office Furniture Source Store & Showroom

Take your time and browse the Office Furniture Source's thousands of square feet of new and pre-owned chairs, desks, and files in many sizes, styles and finishes. Select what suits your needs. We will load it in your vehicle, and secure it for local travel or arrange for delivery to your destination.


Use the Furniture Ease System

Furniture Ease is a unique service because you can get all of your office furniture consulting needs met via email, fax machine, or telephone. You do not have to take time from work, drive in traffic or wander through a furniture showroom. Schedule a phone appointment with any of our Office Furniture Source consultants to determine your requirements. Our consultants will help you select furniture to meet your needs, photograph it, and send the photos directly to your email address along with specifications and quotes for your review. Payment and delivery can be arranged by phone, and you can start enjoying your OFS office furniture without ever leaving your office!​

At Office Furniture Source we are able to help you find what you need within your budget so that you can offer your clients and co-workers a work environment that is comfortable, attractive and productive. If it's Bossier City or Shreveport's new or used furniture you need, you've found the right place!